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High Performance, reliable, low noise 3000 W fogging power, comes with 3L of fog fluid, extra fog fluid can be purchased separately. Ideal for testing, large area, HVAC, Fire test, Ducts leakage and industrial uses, optional accessories: adaptor for connecting fog conducting hose & fog conducting hose 10m in length.


Continuous fog output or manual activation, controllable via the supplied wired controller.

Metallic housing with carrying handles


Discharge volume  1130 m³/min  , Output : 40,000 cu.ft / min

Fluid Consumption Rate: 5 min/Liter (100% Output)

Preheating time  12 min

Length: 735 mm  Width: 310 mm  Height: 192 mm  Weight:20 kg

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 74 × 31 × 19 cm

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