The Small Smoke Machine 900W Fog Machine is equipped with a high-output heating element that can produce up to an impressive 283m³ of fog per minute. The Small Smoke Machine 900W utilises a digital temperature control system, ensuring consistent output as well as maintaining a high operating temperature to provide shorter re-heat times. The machine’s 1.3L fluid tank is removable, allowing for easy maintenance and filling, whilst a patented coating inside the Small Smoke Machine 900W’s pipework prevents jams caused by residue build-up. An automatic cut-off circuit is present within the machine, enabling your machine to be proteted when the fluid level becomes too low. The Small Smoke Machine 900W comes complete with both a wired remote control and a wireless RF remote control, and is perfect for a wide variety of applications.


  • Key Features

    • High-Output 900W Heating Element Deliver 283m³ Per Minute
    • Comes With Both A Wired Remote & A Wireless RF Remote
    • Patented Anti-Jamming Internal Pipework Covering
    • Digital Temperature Control System Ensures Consistent Output
    • Automatic Cut-Off Circuit Engages When Fluid Level Is Too Low

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